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Four super simple things to automate in your business

Four super simple things to automate in your business

If you are doing alllll the things in your business (or at least most of them), there may be days when you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or burned out. You’ve probably heard that there are things you can automate, but who has time to figure that stuff out?

And, at the end of each week, you are wondering where all the time went. And why you didn’t accomplish the things you wanted to.

Yeah, that was me, too.

I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t get more done.

Sure, I was wearing all the hats. 

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But I’d carefully map out my weeks in my planner. I even made a focused effort NOT to be unreasonable in what I expected to accomplish.

However, I just seemed to get further and further behind. It wasn’t until I developed my Blueprint for Blowing Up the Time Sucks that I realized there were so many small things undermining my success.

One of those things was managing my time on social media. You can read more about how to do that here.

However, figuring all that out actually was GOOD news. Because it meant I could make tiny and easy adjustments that would make a difference.

And it worked!

So, I’m going to share with you today four super simple things you can automate right now that will save you time AND help you grow.

Four Super Simple Things To Automate in Your Business

Social Media Scheduling

There are three basic ways I recommend to consistently show up on social media:

First, engage with people.

Social media is about being social, after all. So share your knowledge, answer questions, have conversations. Get to know the people who need YOUR help

Second, be in the moment.

You should show up like a human being and talk about the things you care about when you are moved to do so. Don’t be a robot or that clueless person or company that appears out of touch with what’s happening in the world or what your daily life looks like. 

Your people will identify with you as a human who has feelings and thoughts. Who loves her family and her dogs. Who has challenges and figures that sh*t out. So don’t be afraid to share those moments as they happen.

Third, schedule the rest!

Scheduling your regular content is the automation time saver that ensures you ARE showing up. So put some time on your calendar to plan out some content. Then share all that expertise you have by scheduling out those posts!

Calendar Management

Scheduling client calls, meetings, even coffee chats with your friends can be a ridiculous time suck. 

DMing or emailing back and forth… what day works for you? What time is best? Oh, wait, that doesn’t work, how about this day instead?

I’ve been SO guilty of wasting my time (and my client’s or friend’s time) in exactly this way.

Instead, why not make it easy on everyone and just drop a scheduling link in the dms?

You can use a free account on Acuity or Calendly to do that very thing. I use Dubsado, myself, which is the system I use for invoicing, proposals, contracts, and other forms. But, there’s loads of options.

Simply sync your calendar up to whichever app you choose (so you don’t get double-booked). Then, set up a couple of different scheduling links based on the types of calls you commonly schedule. Finally, share those scheduling links instead of endlessly messaging about “what works for you?”

BONUS time saver – schedule your next call with your client when you are on Zoom with them so it’s on both of your calendars right then and there.

Email Funnels 

What happens when people join your email list? You are building an email list, I hope 😸

Do they just land in Active Campaign, ConvertKit, or Mailchimp and hang out there?   

Meanwhile, you’re stressed out because you haven’t had time to write any emails. And stress doesn’t exactly bring out your best writing abilities, does it?

Instead, create an automated email sequence that

  • welcomes new people to your list
  • tells them a little about you, why they should care, and how you can help them
  • teaches and nurtures them
  • asks questions – then you respond in real time when they reply

It sounds counterintuitive, but you CAN start building a relationship with them through that automation. And those email sequences save you the worry of “oh crap, there went another day… or week… when I didn’t email my list!”

Get more visible

Back to social media, it can feel a bit daunting to start building an audience from scratch. So, once you’ve been posting for a bit, look at your post stats.

What are the lives you’ve done or the posts you’ve shared that really resonated with your people? [side note: do more of those 😊]

Next, experiment with running some paid traffic to those posts so you get in front of more eyeballs. You don’t have to have a huge ad budget to try this strategy. Try $20 over the course of five days or so.

You already know the posts are good stuff. Some of those people who see your posts through ads are going to agree. And then check out our other content. And become part of your world.

Make things easy!

You didn’t start your business because you wanted another grind that felt like your 9-5. 

Give yourself the power to really make things happen and enjoy what you do just by automating these four simple things.

And if you find other stuff keeps you from making progress… like constant client onboarding headaches… I feel you. That’s exactly why I created Onboard Like A Boss™ – to make onboarding easy-peasy for you.

Onboard Like A Boss™ is the simple, no-brainer onboarding system with customizable templates you can use over and over again to get you paid fast and get you to work quickly and easily.

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