Creating consistent content your clients will love on a typewriter

How to Create Consistent Content Your Customers Will Love

Ready to Create Consistent Content Your Customers Will Love? 

We all know how important it is to create consistent content.

But why does content creation have to feel so hard?

So many places to be, right? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, your blog, podcast platforms, YouTube… with more popping up every minute.

And so many different types of content. Written social media posts and blog posts, video, vlogs, podcasts, images… and forget about all the different formats for each type!

Then you need content creation tips, too.

I’ve said this, and my clients have, too… WTF do I even say that hasn’t been said 1,000x by people who know more than I do? I need content ideas!!!

It kinda takes the fun out of what can be a creative and inspiring part of your business, right? 

Here’s the thing. Right now, it can be easy to try to put the cart before the horse. There’s a gagillion social media calendars out there with post ideas, story prompts, livestream topics, and more. But if you don’t know where to start, all those ideas just add to the overwhelm.

Your people need all the goodness that’s inside your brain.

I want to take away some of the overwhelm so it’s easier and more enjoyable to create consistent content your customers will love.

I’ll start by talking about where to show up with your content.

Next, I’ll review the types of content that work best in the most common places and how to decide what will work best for you and your customers.

After that, I’ll get you over the hump of creating content that you believe already is better said by some big influencer out there.

Finally, I’ll share my step-by-step plan for creating consistent content your customers will love. It all starts with the Content Primer 😄

First, where should you post content?

We make the “where” harder than it has to be, really. But that’s not your fault. 

There’s so much noise out there about the latest and greatest place you need to be posting content. 

That can feel confusing and overwhelming – yet another new platform to master 😱😱😱

And then there’s the FOMO. You see the rush to jump on the new shiny object platform. Everyone’s talking about it. And you aren’t there yet. Oh no! 

If you need some extra help with Shiny Object Syndrome, I wrote this post just for you.

But back to where you should create that consistent content… ask yourself this one question:

Where do my people spend time online?

Are they on Facebook or Twitter? Do they watch stories, and do prefer the Instagram feed? Maybe they have a bunch of blogs on their favorites list, or they might be more about learning on YouTube.

Answer that question, and a lot of the noise disappears. Because it doesn’t matter whether all the gurus say you NEED to be on TikTok. If your people aren’t there, you are wasting your time.

That doesn’t mean you won’t need to test different platforms or evolve your plan over time. But the most important thing to remember is you go where your people already are congregating.

Second, what type of content should you post?

You need to consider three things:

Where are you posting your content?
What type of content do your customers like to consume?
What type of content do you like to create?

We’ll begin with where you are posting your content because we covered this above 😃

Not all content types work everywhere, but most platforms have some flexibility. Your blog can be written and/or video, but a podcast is audio. YouTube is all about video. On Facebook, you can create written posts, written posts with images, prerecorded video posts, or go live. Instagram is all about the visuals and engagement in stories. 

Next, what type of content do your customers like to consume?

Are they readers? Do they love to listen to podcasts and audiobooks? Do they watch a lot of video? What gets them engaged and responding to you?  

Maybe it’s an email talking about your latest blog post, or maybe it’s a story with a poll. It just makes sense to start with the types of content they prefer as opposed to convincing them to try something new. Meet them where they are first.

Finally, what type of content do you like to create?

Some of us are writers. Some are more visual.

A lot of my clients were so scared to go live. And I was, too, at first. Just about every person I’ve worked with who gave going live a fair chance actually enjoys it now. So please. Don’t automatically rule it out as an option if your people watch video.

The idea is to find that intersection between what your customers like to consume and what you enjoy creating. That’s your content sweet spot.

Third, what about content ideas that haven’t been done 1000x by the big influencers? 

Yeah, I know how this one goes. We believe someone else always said it before and said it better. 

I want you to keep these two things in mind when you think those thoughts (it’s called imposter syndrome, by the way. More on that here).

Number 1: Your customers are out there actively searching for answers. 

That’s why Google exists. People are out there asking the same questions over and over again. They haven’t seen, watched, or read all the content on a particular topic. You have that answer, and by putting your content out there, you help them solve problems. And then they want more of you.

Number 2: You have a unique take on the topic that is going to be just right for your people. 

Think about it this way. Maybe you like to cook. For learning new recipes, some people like Martha Stewart and Snoop, some people will head to Food and Wine, and some will watch the Food Network. 

Why? Personal preference. We aren’t going to like everybody’s vibe or message or approach.

Your content isn’t going to be like anyone else’s because it’s yours. And your people will want to hear it from you. Not from someone else.

Fourth, here’s my step-by-step plan for creating consistent content 

It all starts with my Content Primer. Each week, my content is built from my Content Primer.

For me, my Content Primer is The Shine-ability™ Show which I do live on Facebook every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. EST. You can check it out – and also find the replays – right here.

Why do I call it my Content Primer? 

Because it’s like the primer you put on your face before you apply any makeup. Primer sets the stage for whatever makeup you want to apply on top and makes you look more polished and put together. Whether you add on tinted moisturizer and lip balm or go full face makeup, starting with primer makes it easier to do. And it looks better because of that little bit of preparation.

The Shine-ability Show™ is my Content Primer because all my content for the week builds on that show’s topic. Think about it this way. Maybe you like to cook. For learning new recipes, some people like Martha Stewart and Snoop, some people will head to Food and Wine, and some will watch the Food Network. 

I have categories of content that I cover regularly. For me, that’s online business tips, midlife career change, mindset, and personal development. 

Each week, I chose a topic from one of those categories, often based on what’s happening with my clients or the world in general. I do a quick outline for the show, which typically takes about 15 minutes.

Once the Shine-ability™ Show airs, the rest is much easier. That Content Primer becomes the basis of my weekly blog post. The information in the Content Primer is repurposed by my VA in different ways on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. She also posts the show video itself on IGTV, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Even if you are a one person biz for now, you still can use my plan to create consistent content. I know because I used to do it myself, too. 

And in the beginning, on the rare weeks when I didn’t have my Content Primer (because unexpected stuff can get in the way), none of the content happened. Because it was just too overwhelming and challenging to create all the things without the Content Primer.

So try it out. I bet it will help you, too. And let me know if you have questions!

And, if you are here because you are ready to get unstuck at work and in life, download my 6 Key Shifts to Clarity for Midlife Career Changers by clicking below…